Sunday, June 23, 2013

2nd Week in Oviedo!

This second week we took it up another notch: we added some sports and physical activities into the mixing:  Frisbee and soccer.  However we also learned how to salsa and enjoyed it very much. So who says now that we can’t dance? Yes, we can!

Our trip to Santa Maria de Naranco shows Asturias’ capricious moody weather.  The rain came with us all along on Wednesday.  However, history is stronger than water and we ended up taking the bus to Naranco to visit an ancient royal residence/church (Santa Maria del Naranco) and another church close by (San Miguel de Lillo).

We even had some time to spend waiting for the bus to go back to Oviedo and started rehearsing Asturias’ anthem. We do have some artists in the group!

Our second excursion took us to Los Lagos Enol and Ercina. There we found some mountains, cows and beautiful landscapes and a cider museum.

For more pictures, please click on the following link. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them.

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