Sunday, July 14, 2013

5th Week in Oviedo

In our fifth week Blake (aka Blaqué) organized a ping pong tournament. All students participated in it. There were the final four, but Dani became the ping pong champion/master of the group.

Many of us have become Spaniards from Asturias. Not only did we visit the Asturias Parliament all dressed up, where we were received by the President of Asturias himself.

We had a blast in the fiesta in a nearby ecological farm as well.

We also did the descent of the Sella in canoes. We all had a great time and when we came back we were ready to go to bed.

Tango is now becoming second nature to us and we practice like Argentinians do:  boys know that it takes two to tango and are not uncomfortable dancing with other boys anymore, as they know that it will help them lead their female partners more easily.


In addition to tango, we started dancing some bachata instead of salsa this week.  Oh yes, now we’re all ready to fully enjoy our next vacation in any Spanish-speaking Caribbean island!

And remember that for more pictures to watch our whereabouts you can click on the following link. 

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