Sunday, July 21, 2013

6th Week in Oviedo

In our sixth week  we went to the Oviedo City Hall –where we were received by the Mayor of Oviedo himself—

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We had two birthdays this week: Leah’s and Angela’s. Happy birthday to both of them! Some of us spoke on the radio and enjoyed hearing our voices on the air.

Tango is now our new hobby. We even dared to ask people to dance. We had a great time in a very healthy and self-fulfilling way.  Some of us even used our recently acquired bachata and salsa moves to excel in tango.

We are also getting ready for our farewell party and we’re rehearsing really hard to shine on stage while we have a good time.

And remember that for more pictures to watch our whereabouts you can click on the following link. 

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